Saturday, March 22, 2014

Romantic Breakfast: Crepes With Yogurt And Blueberry Sauce

My husband and baby were sleeping in. Anthony is still on spring break. I decided to make a fancy breakfast for him! I thought I would make crepes with yogurt and blueberry sauce because we had some blueberries, and because I had never made crepes before. I tried a simple recipe I found online: All Recipe's Basic Crepes Recipe. I made up my own recipe for sauce. I cooked half a pint of blueberries with a cup of water and a tablespoon of honey. I just used straight Chobani plain Greek yogurt for my filling. I set the table fancy, and we had fun.

Eating crepes brought back memories of having crepes with Russian and Ukrainian friends through the years, abroad and locally. Crepes can be made savory or sweet. Savory ones are generally served with sour cream. Sweet crepes often are served with whipped cream like at IHOP. I used yogurt to make our breakfast a little healthier.