Saturday, March 1, 2014

Artichoke: The Only Vegetable You Have To Cook Before You Cut

Have you ever cooked with a fresh artichoke? Until recently, I had not. I bought one to see what working with artichokes was like. Did I ever find out. Unfortunately, I ran out of time before dinner to google artichoke to find the perfect recipe for my artichoke, and to find the perfect cooking process for my artichoke. Well, in the past I have often winged supper with multiple other vegetables and products that were new to me, and turned out great results. But this time as I winged our supper, cooking with the artichoke proved to be a misadventure. I soon realized that it was necessary to boil the artichoke before I cut it. My bad. Even though our supper included a semi raw artichoke, our supper looked beautiful. Parts of the artichoke that did cook thoroughly tasted good. Other parts were inedible. Whoops.