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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Doozy of a Day

What does a flood, waiting around, curtains coming down, wasps, and tomato soup have in common? For me, they share a memory of a doozy of a day! Bear with me as I attempt to explain . . .

It all started just this past week when Anthony woke up at 2:30 a.m. to what sounded like rain. He walked into the kitchen only to discover that our kitchen was flooding. The "rain" he was hearing was coming out from under our kitchen sink! Anthony quickly surveyed the situation, turned the water off as best he could, and then woke me up! I scurried out of bed to see the commotion. Anthony asked me what I thought we should do. After thinking a second, I replied, "We could open the back door and sweep the water out with the broom." That's precisely what we did. The carpet in our dining area and bedroom was already wet. I dammed up the entrance to the kitchen with bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, a beach towel, baby blankets, and a wool blanket. Once we got the situation under control, i.e. most of the water out the back door, I took some pictures. Anthony tried to stop the water that was leaking under the sink, and was able to curtail it, but not completely. He then placed bowls and a bucket under the sink. He changed them out, and dumped them outside as they became full.

We called our apartment emergency maintenance line, and Anthony explained what was going on. I went back to bed. Anthony waited up an hour, but ended up leaving a note on the door for maintenance that included his phone number, and stated that he was going back to bed. At 8:30 a.m. a man from apartment maintenance came.  He said he had been by our place around 5:30 a.m., had read the note on our door, left, and had just returned. We discussed with him what had happened at our apartment earlier that morning. We had hardly finished our story when apartment maintenance had fixed the leak under the sink, and was about to leave. We were almost incredulous at such a short turn of events, it seemed apartment maintenance did not believe our tale! We asked what was going to be done about all the water in the carpet. Apartment maintenance asked what we wanted to be done. Anthony asked if some fans could be brought in.

Before Anthony left, he turned on the air conditioner unit/dehumidifier to help dry out the apartment. I waited around all day for the fans to arrive instead of going for a walk because I thought I needed to be there. Later, Anthony told me I could have just left because apartment maintenance did not need me to be there to get in. About halfway through the day no progress was being made whatsoever towards our apartment drying out. I called Anthony. I asked if I should switch plans, maybe open the doors and windows to let hot air in. He said sure. I did so, tearing down some of our curtains in our front room on accident in the process. I then nailed our curtain hanger back up into our window frame.

Little did I know that having bright lights on was an invitation to wasps to invade our apartment through our open doors. All at once I perceived three large wasps swirling around our apartment as the overhead fans helped propel them about. I freaked out. I don't like insects. Shastya was laughing at my excitement. I tried shutting off the indoor lights so that the wasps would exit our apartment in search of light outside of it. I got most of the lights out, a wasp out, and one door shut. One door was still open. I shut it, and a wasp flew out from behind it! Ahh! I opened the door back again. There was still a third wasp that had flown into our bedroom. I went looking for it, hoping the second wasp would fly out the front door while I was in the bedroom. Then I beheld the third wasp, buzzing and dangling from the ceiling in our bedroom above the doorway I had just entered. It was hovering as if trying to build a nest, a home, in our home. I had baby Shastya on my shoulder the whole time, with my other hand I grabbed a broom and attempted to joust with the wasp. When it flew at us, Shastya freaked out too, and I ran outside with Shastya still on my shoulder. I texted Daddy, "can you come home." Over an hour later, Daddy rode the bus home. Shastya and I just camped out on a patch of carpet that wasn't wet in our front room until Daddy arrived. When Daddy got home, he found a great wasp in our closet where it had gone attracted by our closet light. He killed the third wasp with the broom! The second wasp must have flown out the front door earlier. It was nowhere to be seen.

Daddy brought home with him a mini dehumidifier from a friend. He also called and asked one of his Clemson PhD advisors if he had a wet vac we could borrow. Anthony asked his advisor because his advisor has a house, unlike a lot of our PhD student friends that have apartments similar to ours. Anthony's advisor generously let us use his wet vac which improved our apartment disaster tremendously! We thanked God for the wet vac.

After Anthony used the wet vac in our apartment, I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper while Anthony returned the wet vac to his advisor. Around 8:30 p.m., as we began enjoying our supper, Shastya spilled a bowl of tomato soup all over Mommy(me), baby, the floor and the wall. We didn't laugh or get mad, we just looked at Shastya. Daddy wiped us off a bit before Mommy went for a shower, and baby went for a bath. Daddy cleaned all the tomato soup stains out of the carpet. We could have snapped a picture with the tomato soup all over us, but I just thought that was a little too much. What would we have done, froze and then said "cheese?"

Where had the day gone? Let's see, Mommy washed and dried four loads of towels and blankets somewhere in there. I wonder if apartment maintenance would have believed our flood story if he had seen our pictures? How could we blame him for not fully comprehending our story? We had done such a good job getting rid of the water. Who would have known that there had been a flood? The kitchen floor looked mopped. All the towels had been drying unseen behind the closed back door on the back porch. Our day was over. It was time to get some sleep before meeting our friends the next morning at 3 a.m. for a hike to see a sunrise from a fire tower in Rabun Bald, Georgia.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Shopping Spree

Recently, on a sunny afternoon, I went downtown on a random clothing shopping spree. I didn't even try anything on to see if it fit. I just pulled anything from the racks, that I liked and could use, and bought it all! I had so much fun. I had seen some of the items that I purchased on previous shopping trips, but had not bought them.

First, I found what I had set out to buy, workout clothes for Judo class that evening. I also found a lot of ladies ready to wear which I added to my shopping cart. Next, I got some things for baby Shastya, who was enjoying the shopping spree from the front seat of the shopping cart. Shastya was smiling at all the store associates and clients, and taking in all the beautiful colors, patterns, and textures of the clothing for sale. She loved feeling each of the different items as I would add them to the cart. Further, I discovered some dri-fit polo shirts which Anthony likes. I thought it wouldn't be fair to not get some things for Anthony although he wasn't there, and I couldn't be sure the items would fit him. Into the cart the dri-fit polos went. Many name brands ended up in my cart including: Puma, Nike, Champion, Danskin, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, and Duck Head.

The outcome of all my amazing shopping came to a monumental . . . "GASP . . . I know, what was I doing going on a shopping spree while my husband is working on getting a PhD?" The grand total of my order . . . came to a whopping . . . $10.00! I had happened into the downtown Central, SC thrift shop during a phenomenal sale! One of the shop associates had clued me in upon my arrival. The sale was anything you could stuff into a brown bag for $10, and I've always been good at packing. 

Well, I wore one of my new athletic outfits to Judo that evening. I did miss supper, and have to leave Judo early because I got a headache. But that night, I did a fashion show for a happy husband, after a happy shopping trip!



Friday, April 25, 2014

The Easter Weekend Flood

When we returned from visiting family over Easter weekend, we discovered our apartment had flooded. I started freaking out and said that we could fall through the floor. Anthony said that everything was under control and that our apartment management had done an excellent job taking care of the situation. Anthony has such a way of setting me at ease.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Thrift Store Finds!

Anthony, Shastya, and I went to a local thrift store to get a couple blankets to hang on our bedroom walls to cut the reverberating sounds in our apartment. While we were at the thrift shop, I found a plethora of functionable fashions for baby Shastya and myself! Would you believe it? The total for all the "extras" was $3. That's all! I found two shirts for me, three shirts for Shastya, and a small purse for me. We did find a couple blankets. When we got home, Anthony hung them. They added just a touch of dimension and ambiance to our room. The look is almost reminiscent of bohemian or . . .