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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why I Got A Nose Ring

My husband thought it would look cute. Not your typical reason to get a nose ring, huh? Seriously, one day my innovative husband and I just had a dialogue that went something like this:

"Hey, you should get a nose ring!" 


"Yeah, nose rings are really pretty."

"Uh, sure." I thought, "Why not? Why pass up a perfectly good opportunity to get a nose ring?" 

Of course, I did have a few more questions . . . . 

Would getting a nose piercing be culturally acceptable? I had two thoughts as far as culture . . . First, was a nose ring going to be socially acceptable in American mainstream culture, i.e. business attire? Second, what would fellow Christians' thoughts be on the matter? Would such a face decoration be socially awkward at church? I googled nose ring and found a very well researched article on Wikipedia. And I quote, "nose piercing is the second most common varieties of piercing after earlobe piercing." The article included many types of professionals that had nose piercings. Besides, I could always let my nose piercing close up if I wanted too. As to what people at church would think . . . I figured they couldn't be too offended since ladies wore nose rings in the Old Testament.

Would a nose ring look right on me personally? I saw a bunch of different styles of nose piercings on Google images. I figured I would just get a classy one.

Where would I go to get my nose pierced? I asked my friends/family on Facebook if anyone knew of a good place in Clemson to get a nose ring. One friend recommended going to a tattoo shop because they are certified in piercings. I ended up going to Artistic Ink in Pendleton, SC. There we waited in an entry way painted burgundy, in a large black leather couch over a massive gray leather shag carpet. A police show could be heard on the TV above us. I felt slightly on edge, like there was going to be an adrenaline rush. Once we were called on, Jason told me his life stories for over half an hour trying to get me to calm down so he could pierce my nose! Shastya and Anthony were both there with me for the event! With all my fidgeting over a little nose piercing, Jason could hardly believe that I had birthed Shastya! He did a great job piercing my nose so Anthony tipped him for doing so, and for putting up with me! Anthony got me a gleaming diamond/ rhinestone nose stud for my 30th birthday present! I was elated. Anthony continuously tells me how much he enjoys looking at my beautiful nose ring.