Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Shopping Spree

Recently, on a sunny afternoon, I went downtown on a random clothing shopping spree. I didn't even try anything on to see if it fit. I just pulled anything from the racks, that I liked and could use, and bought it all! I had so much fun. I had seen some of the items that I purchased on previous shopping trips, but had not bought them.

First, I found what I had set out to buy, workout clothes for Judo class that evening. I also found a lot of ladies ready to wear which I added to my shopping cart. Next, I got some things for baby Shastya, who was enjoying the shopping spree from the front seat of the shopping cart. Shastya was smiling at all the store associates and clients, and taking in all the beautiful colors, patterns, and textures of the clothing for sale. She loved feeling each of the different items as I would add them to the cart. Further, I discovered some dri-fit polo shirts which Anthony likes. I thought it wouldn't be fair to not get some things for Anthony although he wasn't there, and I couldn't be sure the items would fit him. Into the cart the dri-fit polos went. Many name brands ended up in my cart including: Puma, Nike, Champion, Danskin, Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, and Duck Head.

The outcome of all my amazing shopping came to a monumental . . . "GASP . . . I know, what was I doing going on a shopping spree while my husband is working on getting a PhD?" The grand total of my order . . . came to a whopping . . . $10.00! I had happened into the downtown Central, SC thrift shop during a phenomenal sale! One of the shop associates had clued me in upon my arrival. The sale was anything you could stuff into a brown bag for $10, and I've always been good at packing. 

Well, I wore one of my new athletic outfits to Judo that evening. I did miss supper, and have to leave Judo early because I got a headache. But that night, I did a fashion show for a happy husband, after a happy shopping trip!