Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shastya and the Toilet Paper

Shastya is just over eight months old. I was letting Shastya play with a roll of toilet paper on the floor while I did my hair at the mirror in our bathroom. I have let her play with toilet paper before, but this was the first time she unraveled the roll. The next thing I knew it, she was standing next to the toilet, scooping up the toilet paper and trying to get it in the toilet! Wow. She puts things together. The toilet paper was all connected so she couldn't get it into the toilet. I ripped off some and handed it to her, into the toilet she slipped the toilet paper. The toilet paper began to slip beneath the surface of the water. Shastya cried out and tried to retrieve it! I stopped her. Shastya is so bright and funny. She keeps us laughing.