Sunday, March 16, 2014

Indian Recipe For Yellow Squash

I had a good bit of yellow squash in my fridge so I needed to find a recipe to use it up. Thought I would do an Indian one if I could find one since I have a lot of Indian ingredients right now. I found a recipe that calls for yellow squash, "Udipi Sambhar" on Simple Indian Recipes website.

It turned out pretty well. I did not get my lentils smashed enough. Maybe until another time I could puree them. The dish was very spicy. I would leave out some of the red chili peppers until another time. We added some leftover raita (chilled yogurt sauce) to manage the spiciness. Honestly, the recipe seemed to take a while. I would probably combine a few steps next time. There were almost twenty ingredients in the recipe . . .grr.