Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Amazon Grocery Shopping List

I told Anthony, I started an online Amazon groceries list in addition to my regular brick and mortar grocery store shopping list. I had converted my Vera Bradley "Russian nesting doll" sticky note into an Amazon shopping list. I told Anthony, I wrote three things on my list so far: agar agar, liquid nitrogen, and dumpling wrappers! He said, "What!? I don't think Amazon would have liquid nitrogen." I said, "Just because I am shopping/looking for something doesn't mean that I will find it." Then I asked him if it was legal/possible to even order liquid nitrogen. We agreed that ordering it by mail was not very likely. We have often seen liquid nitrogen used on Iron Chef America by Iron Chef Cat Cora. I started a list of ingredients to order online because yesterday Anthony informed me that I should get some agar agar and similar stuff we saw on Chopped to experiment with:) I put the wonton wrappers on my list because while I often make my own wonton wrappers, most of my Asian friends use store-bought wonton wrappers when they are making dumplings. I wanted to try using store-bought wonton wrappers to be authentic! Lol.