Friday, March 21, 2014

dalmatian stromboli

We were out of meat, so I made a vegan garden stromboli. When I pulled the stromboli from the oven, our dinner had a funny spotted dalmatian pattern on it, thus I named it damatian stromboli. The dough may have had a tiny bit too much flour in it, but I know why. I was in a hurry to make dinner so I did not use any hard copy recipes, online recipes, or measuring spoons and cups. I just used my own personal memory and best guesses. For the dough I dumped olive oil, yeast, warm water (mixed these three before adding the rest) all-purpose flour, and salt into my bread machine canister. Then I dumped a little bit from what I thought was a bag of sugar into the container. It was not sugar. It was a bag of self-rising flour. What did I do? I just opened a bag of sugar, and dumped some of it in too! I didn't bother letting the dough rise because of time. For my beautiful scrumptious vegetable filling I chopped: zucchini, garlic, mini sweet peppers, roma tomatoes, and fresh parsley. I was surprised at how bright and delicious my stromboli turned out to be!