Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swirlesque Pancakes & Specialty Scrambled Eggs!

Starring Guest Food Artist: Anthony Garland (Husband)

One of my husband's friends came over for dinner. Earlier this week he and my husband facebooked back and forth about a good time for all of us to get together. His friend had said that he wanted to make dinner for Anthony and I, but that his apartment was too small. He asked if he could come to our place instead. Anthony said sure. When his friend showed up for dinner it became apparent that not everyone was on the same page so to speak. We thought the friend was making dinner at our place, and he thought we were making dinner at our place! When Anthony's friend arrived, I was feeding baby Shastya, so Anthony hatched the eggs and pancakes plan.

Unfortunately, my dear husband has never shared his secret pancake recipe with me, meaning I cannot share it with you. What's more, the marble pancakes are a new variation on his traditional secret pancake recipe. About halfway through the supper cooking time I showed up, and Anthony asked me to make the eggs. He had ham, onion, and Gouda to put in them. The meal was amazing. I loved the pancakes.