Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two Chefs In The Kitchen

Let me preface this mess with, think about MythBusters. This particular blog post will be a kitchen version. I decided to post this story with pics after facebooking with a friend the other day and finding out from her that she liked reading my blog to see what I had tried in my kitchen and liked. That being said, there are also things that I try in the kitchen that I do not like. Maybe I can save you the trouble of trying some things that I have tried that maybe didn't turn out so beautiful.

This snack gone awry started with Anthony and I being hungry at the same time late at night. . . We decided to make a midnight snack. We sought to raid our cupboards. My idea: pudding and jello together. Anthony was like,"No." He pulled a couple different flavors of jello from a bag in the cabinet and started cooking first lemon jello and then raspberry. While he did that we decided that I would whisk some vanilla pudding up and that we would enjoy the pudding and jello, but separately, not in one dish. I quickly googled "pudding and jello together." Easter Creamy JELL-O Jigglers on the Kraft website was the first recipe I clicked on. Amazing, I liked what I saw. I excitedly began telling Anthony of my findings but to no avail. He was unimpressed and would not hear of it.

Anthony was thinking he was going to layer the jellos. I told him that they needed to set, and that he would need time between the layers. He said he was going to try to make a thick layer on the bottom and pour the second layer on top, and that he was going to omit a time lapse in between layers. He began trying to think of thickeners. He said, "flour." I said "No, maybe yogurt." "But yogurt will make it taste sour, what you want is pudding." And yes, I laughed as I said that. Finally(smile), he was like, "okay, I guess we can put some pudding in the lemon jello." "Yes!" I thought. The combination of the two was very good, and we stuck it in the freezer.

Next, "operation second layer." It started with raspberry jello. Ick. The stuff is a sickly sweet fake version of what raspberry should taste like. We again needed a thickener. This time we used cocoa. Yum. Chocolate raspberry. Now that was good.

The lemon jello and vanilla pudding combo had quickly set in the freezer. We did not want our bubbling chocolate raspberry combo to melt it. "How to cool our second mixture quickly" we thought . . . Anthony had the idea of spreading it out on a dinner plate. We did just that. I had to feed the baby so Anthony and I agreed that we would check on the jello later.

When we returned to the kitchen to complete "operation second layer" we were aghast. The raspberry chocolate plate looked like blood. Not only that, it was stuck. The chocolate raspberry jello had hardened fast and we were unable to pour it atop the lemon jello vanilla pudding layer. I should have just spooned the lemon mixture onto a plate and spooned some chocolate raspberry topping over it, but that is not what I did. Instead I attempted to mix the topping into the jello and pudding. Fail. Terrible fail. We both refused to eat what we had made.