Monday, February 3, 2014

Food Shopping

Who knew that one could have so much fun food foraging, I mean going to the grocery store? Anthony and I had come to the conclusion that all we really lacked for this week's food supply was oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. I hurried off to the store while he watched baby Shastya.

When I got to the store I decided not to buy anything that I had bought on my last trip to the store. I wanted to try some new items, maybe some things that were a little unusual to us. Publix did not disappoint.

I perused the cases of produce making sure to miss the organic case because I did not want to pay extra for my food. Moving on, one particular case had a lot of interesting, beautiful roots, greens, and vegetables in it. I began bagging up some of these. After bagging a large bulbous something, I turned to the produce professional and asked,"By the way, what is this?" He said it was fennel, and that it had a licorice flavor and some other flavor but I forget what he said. He said I can find a bunch of great recipes for it online. I smiled, and said that's what I was planning to do. It's kind of hard to find recipes for an item if you don't know what the item is called, if you don't know what to type into the search engine.

Then, I moved on to find some chicken. I became distracted as I was passing through the seafood department. I saw a rack of crawfish. I started snickering. "Those are great," I thought. Into my cart they went, as I turned my cart, and trudged forward with glee. These would make a great Valentine's dinner being red, exotic, and all. I couldn't help but laughing thinking of what Anthony's reaction would be when I brought these frozen critters home.

When I got to the check-out, the cashier and bagger and I small-talked about food. The bagger asked what I was going to make with the pretty purple cabbage. I said I had no clue, that I was going to google it. She said her grandmother made the best purple cabbage with egg noodles! I said that I had seen a similar recipe on Pinterest, and that maybe I would make that with my pretty purple cabbage! I asked the two girls if they liked to cook. They said no, that they didn't like following directions! I laughed. I told them I don't like following directions either. I just look at recipes but then do whatever! Kind of ironic, I had a cart full of gourmet items and I was saying I don't like to cook from a recipe.

On the way out to my car the bagger asked if I liked cabbage. I said yes, that I had grown up in Pennsylvania, and that they eat a lot of cabbage up in Pennsylvania Dutch country. She said her family was from PA too.

I'm still wondering what one of the items is that I brought home. I ripped off a leaf and ate it. It tasted good. Food can be such an adventure.