Friday, January 3, 2014

Shastya Likes Clemson Mango Orange Smoothies

This evening Anthony made us mango orange smoothies. First, he cut up the fruit. Second, he ran the fruit with the peels on through the juicer. He poured a glass for me at this point. Third, he added vanilla ice cream and then milk to his. The whole time Shastya was sitting in her little chair enjoying the cooking show, smiling, and making cute noises. When Anthony was all done he let Shastya sample some of the smoothie without ice cream. She really liked it. She also enjoyed listening to the Clemson game on the radio while Anthony made the smoothies! She could tell the sports caster was very excited about Clemson football at the Orange Bowl. Shastya was wearing her tiger fleece hoodie and cheering on Clemson solid orange.