Monday, January 27, 2014

Buckwheat Kasha Pilaf With Soy Sauce

I first tried buckwheat kasha in Moscow, Russia. It was served with liver. I've made my own buckwheat kasha some occasionally in America. One time I prepared it for my husband Anthony. He did not like it. The rest of the box of kasha has been shifted around in our cupboards for quite sometime now and I finally decided to go ahead and prepare it. I wanted to make sure to dilute the flavor a little to make it more edible for Anthony. There are certain robust flavors that Anthony is not too fond of such as sauerkraut, or brussel sprouts, and including buckwheat kasha. I found that out real fast when we first married and I tried making him a classic Pennsylvania Dutch/ German meal. He did not enjoy it.

And so today, I cooked up an onion, some carrots, garlic, chicken, and kasha in a kind of riceless pilaf. We put soy sauce on top. The slight resemblance of pilaf reminded me of eating amazing pilaf in southern Ukraine. The soy sauce of course reminded me of our time in China.