Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

This evening Anthony and I weren't really hungry for dinner because we had both had Baozi for snacks late in the afternoon. I had been seeing recipes for chocolate chip oatmeal cookies all over my kitchen lately from the oatmeal container to the flour bags to the brown sugar bag. I finally broke down and made them. My baby likes chocolate. She moves around a lot in my tummy when I eat chocolate. So I decided we both would like the cookies, all I had to do was talk Anthony into the idea. That was a little work because he likes to eat healthy, and he's concerned that I eat healthy before I go into labor. Well, he finally succumbed, I think after I told him the baby likes chocolate. The recipe I ended up using was the one on the side of my Baker's Corner All-Purpose Flour bag.

As I mixed the dough I wondered if I am the only one that does quality control on the brown sugar, trying it over and over because it is so good, and the chocolate chips. Maybe it's just a pregnancy thing. Of course that is my regular habit with the chocolate chips but it was a new one with the brown sugar.

The cookies turned out really well. I'm surprised we have so many left. I thought I was eating the dough continuously, and the cookies.

After I made them I had the audacity to look online for the health benefits of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies! I had to laugh out loud when I found an article talking about just that. The source was I found it most amusing that the name Harvard was in the title. It reminded me of when we were in China this past summer and I was playing quite the lawyer with Anthony trying to convince him of the health benefits of ice cream such as calcium!