Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Harvest Treats

My friend Kim had asked me to host our Clemson Cross Impact Power Group Bible study at my apartment this week. We just started a new study this semester on the Book of Ecclesiastes. We are all really enjoying the study. There is so much wisdom in that book. We often meet at each others apartments or at coffee shops in the area. Most of the girls in our particular power group are grad student wives. Whoever hosts the group usually provides some light refreshments as well. I decided to prepare some colorful harvest munchies. I put together a trail mix from some random nuts and dried fruit I had in my cupboards. Okay, not so random. I made sure not to include prunes in the mix because I just thought they didn't belong. They were a lot larger than the other nuts and dried fruits so visually it would not have been pleasing. I wanted to make a veggie tray with bacon ranch dip. I remembered seeing a bell pepper used as a dip bowl on Pinterest, thought I'd give that a try. I sprinkled some bacon pieces on top of the bacon ranch dip so people would not be surprised by the bacon flavor of the ranch salad dressing. The munchies were a great hit!