Friday, October 11, 2013


Last night I told Anthony I was going to make broccoli and cheese omelettes for breakfast. This morning it was after eleven and he was getting kind of hungry. He asked me if I was still planning on making the omelettes! It was so cute that he remembered. He must have been excited about them. So I got up and made brunch.

Last night I had been trying to think of how we could use up the bananas because they had ripened rather quickly. I had thought maybe banana nut oatmeal, but then I thought I could just use them for a nutrient-rich side for an omelette instead for something different, besides oatmeal.

I steamed my broccoli saving some for later. I beat four eggs, salt, and onion powder together and poured them in a sprayed mini skillet over med-high heat. The key to good omelettes, I think, is having a good pan, and spraying it with enough oil. I waited to turn my omelette until the last minute, pushing down the sides and letting the raw egg spill underneath and cook. I also turned the heat down to medium. Then when there was just a little raw egg left, I flipped it, then put cheese on one side. I put some broccoli on top, then one more slice of cheese on top of that to make the omelette moist, and so the cheese could act as glue to hold the omelette together. The omelette was so fluffy, and had some beautiful color on it.