Friday, October 4, 2013

The Lily Pad Game

Anthony and I did some more Python programming this evening. Anthony wanted to write a computer game. I thought it would be cool to plan a special computer game for our little daughter on the way. I came up with a lily pad game. I sketched a picture of my idea on a small scale, a prototype complete with lily pads, a lotus blossom, and a frog. To win the game, the frog has to reach the lily pad with the lotus blossom. To lose, he merely does not make it to the lily pad with the lotus in time, or worse he falls in the water and is disqualified.

Anthony and I started working on code for The Lily Pad Game. I learned two things about coding tonight: 1) if statements, 2) for loops. We didn't use the if statements in The Lily Pad Game but we did use the for loops. For loops is a function that allows you to repeat the execution of a section of code while moving an index over a sequence. We did two loops so that we could have the first index move over the sequence 1-10, and the second index move through the sequence small, medium, and large lily pads. Our next step will be to plot the lily pads on a x,y point graph/ Cartesian coordinates like you would see on a graphing calculator/ Cartesian plane. Below you will find some screen shots of our Python Lily Pad Game code, and our terminal output of it.