Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Grad Student Wife

The grad student wife needs to be flexible with dinner times regarding unexpected changes in class schedules, class ending times, public transportation schedules, and other surprises. This being said, this evening I did meal prep early, stuck dinner in the fridge, and cooked it after hubby arrived home. Of course I did get a little hungry and antsy as I am pregnant. What better way to tide us over to mealtime than to make a mocha frappuccino with our new blending machine! That is exactly what I did, once I got dinner cooking after the return of dear Anthony. I was kind enough to share the frappe with him. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and then dinner when it was ready. This evening's menu included:

Mocha Frappuccino

-leftover coffee
-lots of ice
-chocolate syrup

Anthony's Favorite Side Salad

-dried cranberries
-honey roasted peanuts
-ranch salad dressing

Almond Bacon Crusted Swai

-swai fillets
-ground almonds
-grated parmesan cheese
-chopped bacon
-olive oil spray

Sugar Snap Peas