Monday, August 26, 2013

Botanical Gardens, Huntsville, AL

My Gramma has definitely instilled in me a love for flowers. It was tradition every year to go the Botanical Gardens when we would visit Gramma in Alabama. It was also tradition to go to Longwood Gardens, PA when Gramma would come to visit us. What a great way for a girl to learn her flower varieties. Further, my Gramma had beautiful gardens of her own and would bring us dug up samplings of them including perrenials, bulbs, seeds, etc. Some of the memorable and fun ones were Four O'Clocks, Spider Plants/ Cleome, Lamb's Ear, Purple Salvia, Black Eyed Susans, Missouri Primrose, and more. She helped each of us 3 grand kids dig a small garden each of our own. Here are some pics of a trip to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens that my Gramma and I took one fall: