Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mocha Protein Power Shake

I asked Anthony what he wanted for dinner, pasta primavera or potato corn chowder. He said maybe something cool since he was really hot from walking home from grad school. I suggested a smoothie. He said "yeah, and then maybe we can have dinner later." I got the blender out, I poured leftover coffee in it, then I got the milk and chocolate syrup out of the fridge. I reached in the freezer for ice. Whoops, the ice trays had water in them. Plan A was to make a mocha frappe. I decided to change that to just a plain cold mocha. I blended one. Then I thought, hmm, it would be nice if this was thicker. I reached in the cabinet and pulled out the cashews. After integrating them into my mocha the result was nothing short of a mocha protein power shake!