Sunday, August 25, 2013

BBQ Chicken Pizza Lunch Date

At church this morning I began thinking, hmm, I could make barbecue chicken pizza for lunch. I just wasn't sure if we still had barbecue sauce in the fridge, and if we did, if it was still good. Upon arriving home and searching the fridge I discovered some delicious and ready to use barbecue sauce. I began piling ingredients on the island.

I am so thankful that my Gramma bought us a bread machine for a wedding shower present. I love using it to make doughs, especially pizza and knots. I quickly threw ingredients into the bread machine canister only to realize I was a little short on flour. Reaching down in the cupboard I pulled the corn meal thinking it could substitute. For some reason, the bread machine error light came on. The dough had not risen yet. I unplugged the machine hoping to restart it. After plugging it back in the same light and frozen computer screen reappeared. I added more cornmeal to thicken the goop so I could remove it from the bottom of the canister. I added and added cornmeal. Turned out to be one of my favorite pizzas that I have made!