Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4th Meal

We had lentils and rice for dinner earlier, but Anthony and I were hungry again. We didn't want to eat anything too unhealthy. I asked Anthony what he wanted, he replied, "chicken salad." Well you have to understand, Anthony doesn't like mayo-based chicken salad. You also must understand that we have shrimp in our fridge this week instead of raw chicken. All things considered, I replied to Anthony, "continue." He said, "well we have those chicken strips, and spinach . . ." I was like, "Oh!" I had forgotten we had frozen fried chicken strips in the freezer. I then gathered supplies to make our salad: spinach, celery, chicken strips, dried cranberries, grated parmesan cheese, frozen pecan pieces, and bacon ranch salad dressing. I heated the chicken strips in the microwave, and I chopped some spinach on a plate. Meanwhile I snacked on frozen pecan pieces. Then I thought twice about the celery and the grated parmesan. I ended up returning them to the fridge without using them on our salad. I also put the pecans back in the freezer without using them on the salad. I didn't want our salad dressing to be gloppy so I added a little water to it and shook it up. Our salad 4th meal of the day was amazing, not too heavy, and not too light.