Wednesday, April 23, 2014

National Garlic Day

Yesterday was National Garlic Day. I found that out when I found an awesome recipe, Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza Pockets on Twitter. The recipe was commemorating National Garlic Day. I decided to make the recipe for dinner. 

I did a few variations on the recipe. First, I used water instead of butter with the olive oil for cooking the chicken and onions on the stove. Second, I just made two large calzones instead of four pizza pockets. Third, I did not put as much cheese as the recipe called for.

I might add, this was my first time making roasted garlic in the oven. To me, it didn't taste any different than if I had just cooked the whole cloves on the stove in the water and olive oil with the chicken and onions. I did something similar when I recently made Chicken and Broccoli(with whole garlic cloves), and the garlic turned out fabulous and soft.

My husband and I loved the pizza pockets. We both ate more than we should have. I suppose we shall have to start an annual National Garlic Day tradition of having these delicious calzones for dinner!