Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shastya Goes To "The Store"

A trip to see my family in Pennsylvania is never complete without a trip to see the latest and greatest at Henning's Market, or as my family often refers to it as, "The Store!" Shastya loved her momentous first-time trip to the gourmet grocery store during our little family's recent trip to Pennsylvania. This time, the latest was banana whips from "Henning's Coffee House." The banana whips were made up of whipped frozen bananas, but they tasted like ice cream! Baby Shastya enjoyed eating her banana whip with Daddy and Mommy under a covered table in the open air on the sidewalk in front of "The Store!" There's always something new at the on-trend upscale food store that has been in my family's line for many generations. It's quite the story really. . .

Let's see, from present to history, some key family patriarchs that work there or that worked there include my brother Bobby, my Dad, my Poppop, my great grandfather "Poppop Henning," and Poppop Henning's father-in-law. Of course, there are countless other family members and friends that were, and/or are an integral part of the family business as well.

"The Store" was started five generations ago as a general store, and has seen a wide variety of changes and locations in Harleysville, PA over the years. It may have gone back six generations . . . however many generations ago it was that "The Store" started, there was a relative that had three businesses. That relative left one business each to the husbands of his three daughters. The general store was one of the three businesses.  The general store operated out of a three-story building that sold everything from furniture to food. I've been told, one of the patriarchal owners was excommunicated from a local mennonite church for selling TVs in his general store! Along the way, the store became distinctively a food store, no longer sold furniture, and was labeled Henning's Market.

Henning's Market today is still located in Harleysville, PA, a historic Philly suburb. Some of my favorite regional hallmarks of Henning's Market include "Henning's Homemade" bakery, authentic PA Dutch foods, sushi, specialty cheeses, wedding catering & cakes, specialty foods, a wide variety of organic foods, a homemade gourmet smorgasbord buffet, and "The Terrace" upstairs eating area that overlooks the whole store!

From organic baby food to gourmet refrigerated pet food, my Dad's historic and hip store is ever progressing and has something new for everyone everyday! It's a happening place! In a day and age when local and family-owned is not as common as it used to be, Henning's Market holds its own. May God continue to bless the historical and futuristic Henning's Market.