Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Fume Hood For The 3D Printer - Part 1

Anthony designed a fume hood to whisk air out the window from around our 3D printer because it is not good to breathe in the ABS molten plastic fumes. Earlier this evening he had gone to the local Lowe's and to the local Walmart for supplies instead of ordering a fume hood and all it's attachments online, which would have been much more expensive. He made the fume hood out of a large toilet paper box that he had found in a dumpster behind Walmart. Next, he covered the toilet paper box with clear vinyl sheeting and duct tape to make the fume hood airtight. Then he cut a hole in the back of the box and attached a duct to the fume hood. On the other side of the 16 ft. long aluminium duct Anthony attached a dust buster and put it out the window.