Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Christmas Packages

We received a few Christmas packages from my parents! Traditionally, my Mom always gives each of us kids a book gift and some other stuff. Well, you guessed it, we got books. We also got some items we had left on wishlists on Amazon! My Mom was so wise as to purchase some of the most recent items we had added to the wishlist. I say wishlists, one was our baby registry for baby Shastya. The other was Anthony's wishlist. I don't have one. Anyway, she got us a baby thermometer for the baby as well as some things Anthony had added just a few days ago for the 3D printer.

Also in the Christmas packages were dresses for baby Shastya! They are adorable! Shastya just wore one to church this morning. It was her first time wearing a dress. We keep her in the zip up sleeper things a lot and hoodies to keep her head warm. Shastya also received a beautiful baby's first Christmas tree ornament from my Mom. Shastya also got her first New Testament!

There were other things in the packages as well but I thought I would just share some of our favorites! Thanks Mom and Dad!