Sunday, December 29, 2013

Quaker Quick Grits Lid Review

I'd like to know who designed the Quaker Quick Grits lid and why they designed it the way they did. A few days before Christmas I was up early with my newborn baby and decided to make some quick grits for a snack. No sooner had I grabbed the grits from the cabinet and began opening them than it began snowing quick grits all over my kitchen floor. It was kind of pretty to see it snowing because now that I'm living in the sunny south I don't see snow very often. However what was supposed to be a quick snack for a new mother turned into a kitchen deep cleaning morning. I ended up awakening my dear grad student husband to come help me and our poor baby. I held the baby while my husband pulled out our kitchen stove and cleaned out the drifts of quick grits snow that had accumulated behind it. My husband then mopped behind the range while he had it pulled out. Quite the morning. I guess I just wonder why the Quaker grits container doesn't have the same kind of lid that the Millville Oats container has. When we take the lid off the grits container a sudden jerk causes the lid and base to split apart. The lid ought to come off gradually instead of with a sudden jerk.