Sunday, December 22, 2013

Festive Salad Dressing

Anthony thought a salad would be good to have for dinner since he had eaten some of his own leftover graduation cake throughout the day, since he had eaten some of our friend's graduation cake in the afternoon, and since we had eaten some of the gingerbread and icing for the gingerbread house later in the evening.

Anthony began to chop up the salad ingredients: iceberg lettuce, ham, cheddar cheese, and mini peppers. I began gleefully laughing . . . . Then I retrieved the molasses and ginger I had just shelved after completing our gingerbread house. I also giggled as I went to the fridge for the chopped garlic. This was going to be an epic salad dressing for sure! Epic because of the festive ingredients, and epic because I knew Anthony would think these particular festive ingredients to be preposterous in a salad! I whipped them together, then added oil and apple cider. Interesting.

Anthony and I both agreed that my new festive salad dressing was not that far out. It reminded us of sweet salad dressings we had eaten before. Neither of us is that wild about sweet salad dressings. But alas, we were out of ranch and had to have some kind of salad dressing.