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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Limited Edition Suzhou Silk Collection


Clear fresh pink and scarlet acrylic beads represent a feminine cherry blossom Chinese silk brocade from Suzhou, China. Earrings are just $10 per pair, and only $50 for the entire exclusive collection. Please contact me via to order your Limited Edition Suzhou Silk Collection today. Earrings originally designed by Sharon Elaine.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Saint Basil's Cathedral Collection

Ruby, sapphire, and emerald acrylic beads are reminiscent of the iconic Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow, which is truly an epic sight by day or night. I am selling the earrings at $10 a pair if you are interested.

(Update: this pair has sold)


The Custom Crimean Collection

The lavender and aqua acrylic beads represent an exquisite Crimean landscape of delicate purple flowers billowing in the sea breeze amidst ancient Greek ruins, high up on the picturesque cliffs overlooking the lush braking blue waves of the Black Sea.

(Update: purple pair sold, blue rectangular dangles also sold)


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why I Got A Nose Ring

My husband thought it would look cute. Not your typical reason to get a nose ring, huh? Seriously, one day my innovative husband and I just had a dialogue that went something like this:

"Hey, you should get a nose ring!" 


"Yeah, nose rings are really pretty."

"Uh, sure." I thought, "Why not? Why pass up a perfectly good opportunity to get a nose ring?" 

Of course, I did have a few more questions . . . . 

Would getting a nose piercing be culturally acceptable? I had two thoughts as far as culture . . . First, was a nose ring going to be socially acceptable in American mainstream culture, i.e. business attire? Second, what would fellow Christians' thoughts be on the matter? Would such a face decoration be socially awkward at church? I googled nose ring and found a very well researched article on Wikipedia. And I quote, "nose piercing is the second most common varieties of piercing after earlobe piercing." The article included many types of professionals that had nose piercings. Besides, I could always let my nose piercing close up if I wanted too. As to what people at church would think . . . I figured they couldn't be too offended since ladies wore nose rings in the Old Testament.

Would a nose ring look right on me personally? I saw a bunch of different styles of nose piercings on Google images. I figured I would just get a classy one.

Where would I go to get my nose pierced? I asked my friends/family on Facebook if anyone knew of a good place in Clemson to get a nose ring. One friend recommended going to a tattoo shop because they are certified in piercings. I ended up going to Artistic Ink in Pendleton, SC. There we waited in an entry way painted burgundy, in a large black leather couch over a massive gray leather shag carpet. A police show could be heard on the TV above us. I felt slightly on edge, like there was going to be an adrenaline rush. Once we were called on, Jason told me his life stories for over half an hour trying to get me to calm down so he could pierce my nose! Shastya and Anthony were both there with me for the event! With all my fidgeting over a little nose piercing, Jason could hardly believe that I had birthed Shastya! He did a great job piercing my nose so Anthony tipped him for doing so, and for putting up with me! Anthony got me a gleaming diamond/ rhinestone nose stud for my 30th birthday present! I was elated. Anthony continuously tells me how much he enjoys looking at my beautiful nose ring.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I think my sister and I were more excited than the kids when we all went consignment shopping at a particularly amazing consignment shop in PA with my Mom! I could not believe all the fun toys the shop had. The ones I liked the best were the Melissa and Doug toys. I had never heard of that brand before, but my sister was well-versed with it, and informed me that that was what the toys were. I picked out two baby toy sets for baby Shastya that she can use now, and two wooden toy sets for when she gets a little older. The baby toy sets are made up of fabric. One set is a stuffed tool set including a hammer, drill, saw, screwdriver, nails/screws, wood blocks, and a toolbox. The other set is a pink and purple purse. Inside, it has keys, a coin purse with coins, a cell phone, and a compact mirror! One of the toy sets for when Shastya gets older is a wooden pizza making kit which I am really excited about! My sister and I also found many adorable outfits for our little sweeties. Gramma (my Mom) said she would pick up the tab since baby Shastya and I don't make it up to Pennsylvania very often. We had a very memorable consignment shopping excursion.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shastya Goes To A Phillies/Braves Game!

My parents took Anthony, Shastya, and me to a Phillies/Braves game at the Phillies stadium, Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia a couple weeks ago. At Shastya's first Phillies/Braves game, Shastya wore a pink Atlanta Braves shirt that her Daddy (Anthony) had picked out, and bought for her at a thrift store in South Carolina.

Right at the beginning of the game, my Dad (Shastya's Granddad) and I went to buy some sunscreen for my little baby girl. While we were shopping I spotted a miniature Phillie Phanatic for sale behind the counter. I requested the iconic sports mascot for baby Shastya, Granddad obliged. We did not know if sunscreen was going to be enough protection for our sweet little Shastya, so we searched the souvenir venue we were at for a ball cap for Shastya. We thought a ball cap would help shield her eyes so she could look out and enjoy the game! What do you know, we found a cute pink and purple reversible Phillies ball cap there for her! You gotta love ballpark prices. They are hysterical! I believe the little green Phanatic cost $14.99! The little pink reversible cap cost a whopping $19.99! Granddad told us later that the Philly Phanatic is the most well-known mascot in sports! He also said he would keep the mini Phanatic, and the pink baby ball cap in case his other little granddaughters wanted to come to the games!

The game we attended at the Phillies stadium was all drama. The Braves scored a bunch of points, and then they scored a bunch more points. The Phillies scored at least once or twice. Shastya cheered for both the Phillies and the Braves. She cheered whenever either team scored, and so did I.