Saturday, November 23, 2013

Futuristic Cookies

Today I tried something new. I made cookies without a recipe. While Anthony and I ate delicious said cookies, we discussed whether heating cookies without an oven via a laser was possible. First, he asked me if I thought it was possible. I replied, "probably, with some adapting. People manage to cook by all sorts of mediums such as ovens, stoves, and camp fires." I asked Anthony if he thought making cookies using a laser to heat them was realistic. He said that 3D printing cookies and somehow heating them with a laser is an idea. Anthony added that lasers might be more efficient than all the wasted heat in the oven. One cookie could be zapped at a time. I added that maybe there could be a sensor screen in the oven, and a grid of lasers. A computer could gather info from the sensor screen such as the number of cookies and their locations and then the lasers could shoot the cookies.