Saturday, October 12, 2013

We Made Clemson Juice On Anthony's Game Day Birthday


Assorted Apples
Mandarin Oranges
Ginger Root


Anthony's Birthday Breakfast- Chocolate Chip Stuffed French Toast!

Anthony has been wanting chocolate chip french toast for a few days now. I told him that might not work very well because you can't put them in any batter like you do for pancakes or waffles. Today I thought of a solution, stuffed french toast. I made him chocolate chip stuffed french toast for his birthday this morning!

French Toast:



Whipped Topping
Ground Cloves
Chocolate Chips


Maple Syrup

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mexican Mediterranean Fusion Salad

You'd have to taste it to imagine it. Epic. The ingredients:

Artisan Lettuce
Gourmet Cucumbers
Green Bell Pepper
Spicy Black Beans
Chicken Pieces
Caesar Salad Dressing
Ground Black Pepper
Balsamic Vinegar
Medium Salsa


Back in the spring, Anthony and I went to Artisphere in downtown Greenville, SC. We had a lot of fun. I'll share Anthony's pics of some of my favorite items that were there.



Last night I told Anthony I was going to make broccoli and cheese omelettes for breakfast. This morning it was after eleven and he was getting kind of hungry. He asked me if I was still planning on making the omelettes! It was so cute that he remembered. He must have been excited about them. So I got up and made brunch.

Last night I had been trying to think of how we could use up the bananas because they had ripened rather quickly. I had thought maybe banana nut oatmeal, but then I thought I could just use them for a nutrient-rich side for an omelette instead for something different, besides oatmeal.

I steamed my broccoli saving some for later. I beat four eggs, salt, and onion powder together and poured them in a sprayed mini skillet over med-high heat. The key to good omelettes, I think, is having a good pan, and spraying it with enough oil. I waited to turn my omelette until the last minute, pushing down the sides and letting the raw egg spill underneath and cook. I also turned the heat down to medium. Then when there was just a little raw egg left, I flipped it, then put cheese on one side. I put some broccoli on top, then one more slice of cheese on top of that to make the omelette moist, and so the cheese could act as glue to hold the omelette together. The omelette was so fluffy, and had some beautiful color on it.